You May Never Know Why

Each day we are met with news, interactions, and outcomes that are not as we want them to be and as such they cause us to stop and think, to reflect.  And often the first thing we try to do is to figure out why?  Why did Robin Williams die yesterday, why are there bombings in Iraq, why did it rain so hard during my run?   Clearly, there is value in understanding “why” – was there a cause, and if we find the cause, we can use it to help us do better the next time. 

 Instead of being behind the issue, how about we use THPL to sponsor our way out of bad situations.  If we all majored on high levels of performance in Life, Learning and Fitness might we not all avoid some of the issues we have in and around our lives.  So, rather than being a victim, having regrets or just asking why, why don’t you think about “here’s how we live a more fulfilled life”,  the fulfilled life is where “better” is the norm and the “why” turns into “how”.  Yes indeed it is time to find our version of THPL and implement it now.                           

Loving life with THPL by my side