Your Next Adventure

When you consider the journey that is THPL most of the time we are contemplating the progress we are making across the dimensions of Life, Learning and Fitness.  But it would be missing the point if we did not make real adventures become an integral part of our life.  We need to explore, to see things that we would not ordinarily see and to have new experiences that are just not possible if we stay in one place and do the same thing again and again. 

A great adventure is fun from the start.  We can dream of great places to go, and use the planning process to add to our learning, we can outline a plan for how to get fit for the trip, think about what equipment we might need and to make sure that we know enough by the time we get there to be ready for our great adventure. It is exciting from the start to the finish!

The key to making sure that you do indeed get that next adventure to happen is to plan it far enough in advance that there are literally no obstacles – no meetings, no other commitments that would get in the way.  You can lock it into your calendar and consider it as good as done.  And over time, when you follow this advance planning process again and again you will be either selecting, planning or going on your next great adventure and in a short number of years you will have done so much more than otherwise that you will have become a great adventurer.  Time to plan that next adventure – you ready?  I certainly am.

Loving life and getting ready for the next adventure