Work and Play

The journey, it defines, by how we plan our time and activity, a way to live.  It is not about a specific way or a formula, rather it is about the way to live a harmonized life that brings together elements of work and play every day.  It is targeting, not necessarily balance, but integration.  Start and stop activities, enjoying the message, the meeting, the run, the book, the lunch, the rest, all are what we do and what we can love when we think that in totality it is about all of what we want and need to do.  Nothing particularly better than another element it is the attitude and the perspective that we bring to the journey.  It is embracing each day and all activities that make us feel fulfilled and engaged, happy and emotive, satisfied and accomplished.  Work and play come together in a unique way and life is just good, indeed it is.                                                                     

Loving life when I work and play

The Beauty of Music

There are many things that we all appreciate as we go along the journey and without question music is one of them.  It can fit our mood, it can cause us to move, it can bring us together and create a bond of shared experiences.  And there is so much difference that we can all engage as we see fit.  Yes, there is some kind of brain science behind the connection between music and how we feel but it is really not all that important.  All that matters is that we can hear it and appreciate it and we can have it be an integral part of our journey make us feel something, mostly better, every day.  Here’s to talking music along with us, it is just what we need to keep the journey positive and the experience dynamic and engaging.       

Loving life when I am listening to music

Photo of the day

We know that THPL is about Life, Learning and Fitness.  We also know that life is what we see, feel and live every day.  In it, we have the opportunity to participate as we see fit.  We have the opportunity sometimes to be an observer and sometimes the participant.  In each role, we can feel life differently.  And we can engage differently.  And we can do so actively.  Let’s put ourselves into what is going on around us.  How about as we move through our day we look for what is going on around us that could be a “photo of the day” – that is the photo captures deep feelings, brings us to where we are and is worthy of sharing.  When we find a “picture” that is worth shooting let’s pull out our phone and take the picture.  We can share it, save it, or just experience it.  We will for sure be different for having done something active and engaging.  Yes, Life comes alive when we choose to make it so.

Loving life when I am shooting my photo of the day

Video story telling

There are sometimes when it is near impossible to generate the same feeling that the video format, with music and narration, can generate.  And we are getting more and more used to being able to see amazing creations, footage from places not seen, and stories told in short form that capture our imagination and just make us smile. With the technology effectively in our hands with drones, smartphones, GoPro's and the like we can capture footage previously only available to those with studios and big budgets.  And so for a moment, we share a highlight of what it is like when we take a bit of time to capture this earth and what is around us in a way that just makes us smile.  Thanks, Mavic, for doing this for us and sharing an energy and spirit that is you capture so well on this video – enjoy -

Loving life when I can sit back and watch

What’s in the way

We make commitments, we make plans, they are architected to fit into our schedules and to put us on the path to achieving our goals.  We do this with good intention but for us to be truly successful we have to build our plans with a good understanding of what might get in the way of our success and how to work contingencies and alternatives and accommodations into what we do so that we will not be completely taken off track when the “unexpected” happens.  We all know better that we cannot avoid this circumstance and therefore the challenge that we need to accept is how to build a “real” plan, one that fits “our” lives, with the constraints that are who we are and how we live.  So, let’s take a minute to accept who we are, plan for what will come, and work like mad to avoid any excuse that we could come up with.  We know deep down there are no excuses, just reasons that we did not want to work on.  No more of that – it is time for us to master the process and what we need to get through it.  It will work when we do this – that we know. 

Loving life when I accommodate what is in the way

It matters

So much of what we do on our journey is for ourselves, executed and done mostly invisible to those around us.  We like it this way as our lifestyle is a choice for how we want to live and if others want to follow this path then they need to come to their own decision to do so.  And what we will find, though, is that the choices that we each make, will have an impact on others around us.  When we hold ourselves to a higher standard, it is noticed by others, whether they outwardly acknowledge that or not.  It sort of matters none whether we know if someone is watching, what matters is that we always hold ourselves to the standards and ideas related to our higher purpose.  When we do this happens others will notice and will take care to adopt the best of what we do into their life and how they live it.  Yes, indeed

Loving life when I do what matters

Black Canyon

When we make commitments and set goals it is important that we stay true to them.  We need to think about what it is we are setting out to do and what our plan is to be able to deliver on our goals and commitments.  Today I delivered on my goal to run an ultra-marathon a month in 2019.  I completed the Black Canyon 100k ultramarathon.  It was quite a challenging course with lots of ups and downs and we found, once again, that if we put one foot in front of another, we can get to the finish line, even when there are moments when we might want to stop before we end.  So, let’s keep working on our commitments and being honest and true to them, great things happen then, indeed they do!

Loving life when I finish on my commitment to myself


We get an opportunity when on our journey to tell our story.  It can be to one person, to a group, in a digital form or podcast.  The audience is less important, what matters is that we find the time to share what it is we have learned through our experiences, the insights and life nuggets that are just great to share.  Just recently I had the opportunity to be on the Zenformance: Inspiration, Wisdom and Mindfulness podcast.  If you are interested, you can listen to the podcast here.  Hope you enjoy it and it inspires you to tell your story.

When Dharma and Entrepreneurship Connect.

Loving life when I get the chance to tell my story


More than imagination

When we start on the THPL journey it is in part due to what we imagine life would be like if we were to make some fundamental changes in how we live.  We know intrinsically that there is something really powerful inside of us and the challenge is to find a way to tap into it.  And as we start to do this it becomes ever more evident that our imagination is most likely more important / more valuable than what we know.  Imagination – the act of forming new ideas or concepts that are not currently present to our senses.  How fun is it that we have this power to do more than we think we can.  And so, it is our task to accept and carry this power with us on our journey and in embracing it we find a world of endless possibilities.   Watch out world we are on fire.  A blessing and a privilege for sure.

Loving life when I tap my imagination


Fuel for life

The journey that is THPL needs fuel and there are many ways go get fueled up while we travel from project to project or place to place or moment to moment.  Interestingly, much of our fuel will come from the inspiration that we get from others with whom we come in contact with or know or are treated to in our daily life.  There is never a lack of impressive, inspiring, amazing people who can help us in our conquest to be better.  Better at what we do, how we think and what we expect of ourselves.  So, let’s think about how we make sure that we have enough fuel to get us where we want to go and then some.  It is exciting and amazing what is possible when we have the right fuel. 

 Loving life when I am fueled up and ready to go


It’s never too late

It matters none the point that we are on our journey, young or old or in-between, there is bound to be a moment when we want to go do something and doubt creeps into our minds.  Am I capable, strong enough, too old….or have I just waited too long.  Well, we all know that the factors matter little to the possibility of doing that which seems too far away, it really is mindset that gets in the way.  We can adjust if we just decide to, we can go harder if we decide to, and we can just go and get it done.  We all know intrinsically that it is never too late – that even until the last moment we can and should go after “it”.  So, let’s not count ourselves out – rather let’s course correct for getting it done – whatever it is and wherever we are. 

Loving life when I go after it every time



Wake up call

While we all know that there are 168 hours in a week it often feels like we are short of time.  Sort of makes sense when we think about how much we take on while on our journey.  Yet, when we are honest with ourselves, we realize that maybe we are not that effective with our time management.  A little slop time here and there, a few too many pushes of the snooze button and we have less time than expected.  And lest we accept less than what THPL can deliver we need to make sure that we stay on top of getting done what we need to get done and it all starts with our wake-up call.  Is it early enough, do we consistently get up when we set our time, do we look forward to the alarm going off?  It really is a simple way of thinking – life starts each day when our alarm goes off and what a wonderful thing it is.  So, let’s set the clock a bit earlier tomorrow and get going and ready for all that life has to offer and then some…. 

Loving life when the alarm goes off



Bringing them along

Most all of us, at some point, decided to make a commitment to the THPL journey.  A journey that once embraced is compelling, meaningful and rewarding.  On the surface it would seem that everyone would want to make a similar choice, one to work towards an ever-increasing level of personal fulfillment, to a time when our future is better than the past could ever be and a life that is impactful beyond what we can do for ourselves.  And it is in this light that we all need to commit to finding a way to get more people living their own version of THPL.  We know the benefits of this life’s journey and we need to be committed to telling others about why this would be good for them.  Let’s tell them our stories, from nothing to our own version of greatness.  The stories compelling, and a sincere way to capture their attention and imagination.  This is no time to wait, so let’s go tell our story and get others to do the same. 

Loving life when I get them all on our side

Data tells a story

For as much as we know and learn while on our journey we can, from time to time, use our opinions to be the way that we draw conclusions.  And there are times when the consequences of an opinion versus a fact-based conclusion are low.  Then there are other times when we should be careful about going too deep on a subject without the benefit of the data.  We who take this THPL journey know of the benefit of a data-driven approach and use it more often than not and there are others in science and math and medicine and engineering and …… who use data as the foundation for their thinking, research, conclusions, and insights.  And on topics such as global warming, it is important that we use data to inform ourselves and the conclusions that we draw.  In this spirit, Nasa has taken the time to examine the data about global warming and the assessment is alarming at best.

 The representation of what is going on around us must cause us to take action and to rally together to prevent global warming from becoming any worse than it is.  With our collective attention, we can protect our world and keep it for eons to come.  There is no time like the present to get on it!   Indeed… indeed

Loving life when I use data to inform me



Going Greener

It seems that a core attribute of being on the THPL journey is being “green” – taking care of the planet, being mindful of the way that we live, and how we use resources.  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle are for sure words that we live by.  And when life is in order it is easy to follow these mantras.  And yet we need to challenge ourselves to not only do this when it is easy, we need to be kind to the earth all of the time.  For those of us who travel there are many times when we have an opportunity to be deliberate about the choices, we make to be green.  It might take a bit of effort to recycle or use less, we can walk more around town when possible, and soon with the Green Mode announcement that the ride-hailing company Lyft made we will soon be able to choose an electric vehicle of a fossil-fuel powered car.  Options like this are very exciting and show us that we can all make efforts to stem the tide of global warming, to create less waste, to protect habitats, to just use fewer resources.  When we all make efforts like this we can see and feel how we can take care of the earth for generations to come.  So, each day we should ask ourselves, what is the one thing (at least one) that we did to go greener?  Imagine the impact that this one decision can make when we all do it together……

Loving life when I go green!



Nature puts on a good show

We go along the journey and we have to make sure that we keep our head up so we can see all the beauty that is around us.  There are sometimes when there are obstacles in the way and we have to make a bit of an effort to see what is in our field of view.  Look hard and we can see a lot, and let’s not ever take the nature and its beauty for granted.  And when we are looking for a moment to appreciate what is around let’s click on this video link and enjoy the happiness that nature has in store for us…

Loving life when I am in awe



Be present

If there is anything that we know for sure it is that we keep a busy life while on our journey.  We take on more even when we are full.  We say yes when maybe we should say no.  We offer help when we don’t even have to do so.  It is a good life and it is one we choose.  We run the risk, though, of being distracted when we should be engaged.  As we push harder “being present” is ever more important.  We need to do it for ourselves and for those we are spending time with.  Focusing on the moment, being present, staying engaged are all ways to get the most out of our journey.  When we follow this theme life just feels better, the noises quiet and the engagement increases and improves.  Simple and effective.  Indeed

Loving life when I am present



There comes a time

We look around as we go on our journey to others whom we look up to, who are like us and who can use support and attention while on their journey.  And as we think about the people who have clearly make high performance an integral part of their life we can learn a lot.  Today, Lindsey Vonn raced her last race as a professional skier.  After 82 career World Cup race wins, many falls and a lot of injuries she is going to retire from skiing.  She could have retired many years before, but she endured chronic pain from her accidents, and she trained as hard as anyone to be able to stay in skiing and compete at the highest level.  In her decision to keep competing we are reminded that we can all choose our path, in the way that we want – push hard or harder – stop when we want – seek new challenges – they are all choices that we make, for ourselves and the way that we live our lives.  Today Lindsey knew it was time to move on and I am sure we all see this as a moment of strength and nothing but strength.  It is for sure how we are to think about our THPL life.  Indeed, it is.

Loving life when I see how others perform their version of THPL



Another view

As the dream goes would it not be amazing to be able to fly like an eagle, soar above, and see all that is around.  It would be a unique perspective that is for sure.  It is perspective, after all, that informs much of how we think, and act, and live.  And if we are to find a way to live differently, to feel more of what is around us, to embrace the totality of our surroundings we would, presumably, expand what we experience and how we feel doing it.  We can examine different ways of doing this and we will find ways to explore more and even from that bird’s eye view.   This video gives us a good feeling for what that view would be like.  It might even spark some new thoughts and feelings and challenges to take on….indeed

Loving life when I am looking from above



Just ask a question

We can think and think and think and we can leverage our experience to the max but sometimes while on our journey there might be a better way to find the answer to what we need to know.  It is a simple idea, and one that is quite obvious and yet there are sometimes when we use it as a last resort and sometimes not at all.  It starts with a question, yes, all we have to do is ask someone we know or others who know stuff a question.  A simple process – ask the question, be humble and polite about it and then just take in the answer.  A simple thank you follows, and the process is completed.  Mission accomplished, we got the answer that we needed, we made the person who we asked the question feel special and we did not have to wonder or ponder or guess for that matter.  Yes, just ask the question…...

Loving life when I am asking questions