Preparation and Discipline

We know that there are core principles to success and to taking our life’s journey to the next level.  And with life going at the pace that we are all getting used to it is important that we remind ourselves that the power to be better is always inside us and it is unleashed when we embrace the core principles of high performance.  Two of them are preparation and discipline.  It is known by many that discipline enables freedom.  It allows us to go beyond our moods and distractions and to achievement.  And once we embrace discipline we feather-in preparation.  How we plan and prepare is critical.   When we plan well and combine it with disciplined execution, we are unstoppable, and success comes to us.  So, let’s build these principles into our lives and reap the benefits that come when we embrace this approach.

 Loving life when I am prepared and disciplined

Expect the unexpected

There are those basic lessons that we learn along our journey that seem to fall into the abyss as life gets busy.  We are reminded from time to time of that which we put into the deep category of common sense and from there we have opportunity.  Opportunity to execute better than before by leveraging that which we know and have not acted on enough.  Expecting the unexpected is a good example of this kind of lesson.  The more prepared we are for the things that are not supposed to happen, the stories we thought would never be lived, the situations that seem improbable, the more we will be prepared, not just for these circumstances but for anything that could come our way.  In some way it is living in the “ready state”.  Ready for anything, expected or unexpected.  From a position of strength.  Yes, let’s be ready for the unexpected and revel in the moment when it happens as we are present for what it is and what we can do about it.  Indeed, we will be…...

Loving life when I am ready for the unexpected. 

What else do we need to know

As we move along our journey it is likely, by influence, experience, curiosity or for any other reason that we start to want to do more, different or bigger.  It is natural to find ourselves in this situation.  Growth and development are after all, what we are about.  And so as to be ready to be able to take on more we need to think about what else we need to learn, or know, or figure out how to do.  It is how we will be able to do more.  We push ourselves; we learn more, we get better.  It might be that we need to learn a language, or how to ski, or surf, or cook, or just about anything that we do not do today.  So, let’s figure out what we need to know, then figure out how to learn it,. and then practice it till we get better enough to do it.  A very fun way to enter the summer with a big plan and a lot of learning on the horizon.

Loving life when I am learning






Our purpose

There are many facets to who we are, what we learn and who we will become when we are on our journey.  But maybe, more than anything, getting a better sense of purpose, our why, is what it is we are seeking to figure out.  Anyone who has been on this part of the journey will tell you that there is no single answer, rather it is working through a process, in earnest, that creates an improved sense of purpose. The more we put into it the more refined the answer.  It is a process that we can work through ourselves by asking questions and answering them as best as we can.  We can start with these questions and if we feel that they answer enough we can end it there – if we need more, we can ask ourselves more.  For now, let’s start here and see where it takes us. 

  • What do I love?

  • What am I good at?

  • What does the world need from me?

  • What can I do that I can earn money from? 

Loving life when I am defining my purpose






Ten days

We all know that exercise is a key element of our journey.  Sometimes it even becomes the reason we are on the journey.  There are so many benefits that come from exercise and the way that our physical strength carries a strong mind it becomes and an even more important foundation component of our journey.  So, maybe what we should do is to push ourselves to take it to the next level.  We can put together a physical challenge like putting together a ten-day streak of our favorite exercise.  Do it for ten days, no breaks, go hard, and then see how we feel.  There is a lot of good that comes from a commitment like this and when done we can decide if we want to do another ten and another ten and in so doing, we might actually rebuild ourselves and open up a world of incredible possibility.

Loving life when I do a streak






Our best effort

We know intrinsically that there is a direct relationship between what we do (aka, the effort that we put in) and the results that we get.  It takes no permission, nor privilege to be able to give it our best.  We just have to decide that it is what we want to do.  To stay focused, to quiet the noise around us, to be prepared and then to execute.  The outcome is not what matters, what matters is that we give it our best effort and we know that it is what we set out to do.  The more we do this the better the journey.  Let’s get to it, there is no time like the present to do it.

Loving life when I give it my best effort

Out of Bounds

When the days are long, and the tasks more than we expected it is good to be reminded of the world outside our window.  A world that we all like to be part of on our journey.  One where adventure and exploration are part of the definition of who we are.  Where we can find out more about ourselves than we could if we were to just follow the traditional path.  We need not be out there every moment, but we need to know it is close by and waiting for us to partake.  Torah Bright and her friends have done their best to remind us about adventure, being out of bounds and just how beautiful the world is.  

Loving life when I am out of bounds

Some stories

As we take our journey we recognize that there are some people who are on their journey who we admire, who look up too, want to copy and more.  It can be for many different reasons that we find this person to be compelling and yet we know that they are not perfect.  We know intrinsically that what we are looking for us people who are doing the right thing and living an inspired life with a lot of humble threaded into all that they do.  Yvon Chouinard the founder of Patagonia is one of these characters.  For as long as any of us can remember he took the road less traveled and used his company as a platform for doing good – better than most – showing us a path to better.  His book, Some Stories, has a lot to say and is a great example of what we can do when we choose to do so.  We can do more, we do not have to accept mediocre and we can create our own version of extraordinary, it is that simple.

Loving life when I am writing my own stories

We have to care

Sadly, we knew this would happen, the scourge of plastic waste has reached the deepest part of the ocean.  In a record setting dive into the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench, which extends for seven miles into the ocean floor Victor Vescovo spotted a plastic bag and a candy wrapper laying on the ocean floor.  This is just the beginning of a bad story; recent discoveries have shown the incidence of plastics in the deep-sea to be so common that some organisms are eating microplastics as food.  And with this we all need to think about the implications of polluting the waters of the earth in such a way.  We have to slow the use of plastics; we have to keep waste out of the ocean and we have to take responsibility for the damage that we have caused.  We can make a difference if we start now – there is nothing to wait for – we just have to fix it as best as we can, and it starts with us.  Let’s figure out what each of us are going to do and then get to it.  We can make a difference – let’s do it. 

Loving life when I am working to fix the problems we create



Make the time

We all know that there is a lot that keeps us going on our journey.  We make a lot of commitments, we take on more and more, we try new things and we push even when it is time to take a break.  And there are times when we get so wrapped up and start to manage our time in such a way that we might even lose a bit of perspective.  It is in these moments that we need to make sure that we go back to our value system.  That we slow ourselves to do the right thing.  That we spend time with anyone who needs that from us.  That we listen when people are talking and that we help others get done what they need to get done.  The flow is there we just need to make sure we stay in it.  We benefit, everyone benefits, and the world is just a little bit better as a result.

Loving life when I take time with others.




On the continuum from being interested in something to becoming an expert we go through a lot of phases and stages of being.  We might be committed, or passionate, or even devoted to getting it done but when we look at what emotion or feeling it is that makes the biggest difference it might be when we are resolved to do something.  Resolve, “to decide firmly on a course of action”.  Yes, that does feel different for sure.  It is active, it has emphasis, and it has a conclusive nature to it.  We know intrinsically that when we are resolved to do something it feels different.  There is little uncertainty or thinking, it is as we would like it to be – “done”.  So, for those important steps, decisions or moments on our journey let’s get resolve and get it done, we will be happier and satisfied for having done so

Loving life when I am resolved to get it done



Mother’s Day

There is always a history and a story to all that we encounter along our journey.  Mother’s Day has all of that and more.  Celebrations of mothers and motherhood can be traced to the ancient Greeks and Romans who held festivals in honor of the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele.  And through history, there have been other instances of “Mother’s Day” culminating in the early 1900s in the U.S. when Anna Jarvis, following her mother’s 1905 death conceived of Mother’s Day as a way of honoring the sacrifices that mothers made for their children.  And in respect for the history and also for the reason of giving thanks we continue the tradition all around the world of recognizing our mothers.  It is a good moment for all of us to stop and say thanks and show appreciation for those special people in our lives.  Happy Mother’s Day to all – those whom we know and to all who have had the honor of being a mother, we appreciate all of you very deeply

Loving life on Mother’s Day



Air, land and water

There are many things that we take for granted on our journey.  And at some level that is ok as we want to put the majority of our energy into that which we are working to improve.  Yet, there are the elements that we cannot take for granted such as air, land, and water that are essential to not only our journey but how we all live.  It is important that we think about what we need to do to protect each element so that they remain the foundation of all that we do.  When we raise our awareness and combine it with an understanding that our efforts do make a difference, we can protect the air, land, and water so that it will be here and enabling for generations to come.   Let’s do something this weekend to make a difference, it can be simple and it will matter.

Loving life when I take care of the air, land, and water 



Excellence personified

There are those moments while on this journey when we see something, and it makes us feel something at a different level.  The launching of an Apollo rocket, the perfect dance routine, an MLK speech and many other examples come across so good that they elevate the heart rate, our hands shake, our attention is locked in and the feeling amplified.   And in each of these moments we see a true commitment to excellence that is personified in each of these instances that is hard to deny.  A contemporary example of excellence personified is the video that Apple and others created called Don’t mess with Mother Earth. It makes one think about the story we can create with the right effort and a commitment to excellence.  Enjoy both videos and then imagine what we can do when we commit to excellence.

Don’t mess with Mother Earth

The making of don’t mess with Mother Earth

Loving life when I witness excellence in motion. 


The journey puts a lot of focus on our nutrition to support us, power us, help us take care of our body and enable us to push harder when we so choose.  And it is increasingly important to consider how a plant-based meal, or a plant-based diet can be part of the approach to making good decisions on what to eat.   Plant-based emphasizes whole minimally processed foods that include vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, seed, nuts and so much more.  It is not about giving up foods but exposing ourselves to more, rather than less.  Choices abound and tastes are great and nutrition just about where it should be.  So, let’s see if we can put a bit more plant-based into our diet and see how it helps us and all that is around us.

Loving life when I am eating plant-based 



A visit to another land

We know it intrinsically that there are beautiful places to visit on our journey all around us.  And sometimes closer than farther but often locations that are on the other side of the earth from where we are the ones that we can be most captivated by.  There is something about places that are different from what we know and are used to.  New enough to us so that we can explore, we can learn, we can appreciate all that is not of our making.  New Zealand is one of these places – far enough away to feel different and far enough to make us want to go there to see what it is like.  Let’s go find our next land to visit and let’s make it as far away as we can get to.  And if we need inspiration this video is a reminder of how beautiful the world is – let’s go visit!

Loving life when I visit other lands 



Being inquisitive

We head out on our journey with a lot of knowledge and experience.  And yet we know that there is still more to know, to learn, to hear about.  It is from this position that we can improve the journey and what we experience.  We can do this by asking about that which we would be interested in finding out more about from people to locations to new experiences. Going to new places, trying new activities, hanging out with different people or exploring ideas that don’t fit our existing mindset would be a great way for us to get more of our journey.  If we bring an inquisitive approach to all that we do, showing up with a genuine interest for the people and places around us magic happens.  It does take more effort but, when we are inquisitive, for sure we will not limit our journey with a fixed (or practiced) perspective but we open the aperture and see and feel way much more.  Indeed….

Loving life when I am inquisitive 



What’s important

We sure can get busy when we are on our journey.  We find ways to do more and more. And there are those pesky distractions that can get us off track.  It can be tough balancing the two opposing forces.  So, the question that we need to ask ourselves often is “are we doing what matters”.  Are we having a broader impact on our community, are we doing good for the world, are we taking care of people in need of help and so on.  It can become part of our daily practice, or at least weekly.  When we find ourselves pushing hard, doing more, getting busier and busier we can do a quick check and see how we feel about what it is we are doing.  And we can then adjust as appropriate.  The important aspect of this process is that we know that we never have to just accept what is happening, we have the power and agency to push ourselves to do what is important also and when we do, we will be much better for having done so. 

Loving life when I am working on what is important 



Take two

We start each stage of the journey with good intent.  It is our plan to do what we have committed to do, to be able to deliver on our commitments and our promises.  And yet there are times, often for reasons not under our control, that we do not get done what we intended to.  It is ok and if we put it into our mind that this not getting it done is just part of the process then we can just go back at it and call it “take two”.  As in the movies, we get another chance to do the same thing again.  We set it up and we just go right back at it putting the first “take” aside so that we can do what we know we need to do.  And so often on take two, we get right through what we intended to do – so the moral of the story is, just go back at it and good things will happen.  Take two for sure! 

Loving life when I get a second take…. 



In the right direction

On our journey, there are a lot of choices that we can make that have a positive impact on the planet, each other, and our community.  And the good news is that we are all making progress on many fronts.  It can be by embracing a plant-based diet, reducing carbon emissions, using fewer consumables and on and on.  We do have a way to go before we are creating zero impact, but it is also good to know that in some demographics we are almost at 50% adoption of earth-friendly practices.  So, let’s keep moving in the right direction and introduce more products like Free Trade Coffee, more plant-based proteins and eliminating plastic bags and single-use straws.  It is worth the effort for sure.

Loving life when we make the effort for our planet