We take our THPL journey and there is much to be pleased and happy with.  After all, our accomplishments are of our own doing.  We dream we plan, we practice and we do.  And we have, as we would like, the opportunity to turn all that we do, into something more.  But this does not mean that we have to live extravagantly, or boastfully, as it is not in being showy that our value is measured.  Rather it is in being substantive that we realize our potential.  And yet, it ok to feel good about what it is we are up to and what we accomplish.  In its simplest form, we can build a life that is magnificent because it is ours and it is through the use and application of our gifts and talents that we make all that is possible real and this is in fact magnificent.....

Loving life when I am magnificent


The list of three….

We take the THPL journey and we are faced with big questions as we push our limits and ultimately the way that we impact the world that we are a part of.  We have an opportunity to make a difference all of the time, it can be by being a role model when we follow the principles we espouse in our THPL community, it can be when we reach out and help others in need of help and it can be with the choices we make to protect the planet.  It is simple – let’s adopt this list of three–

·      Am I a living like a role model

·      Am I helping others

·      Am I protecting the planet

and then ask ourselves, again and again, are we living to them.  And when we do remarkable things are going to happen.  Imagine a world where 7+ billion people adopted the list of three…….WOW, that would be remarkable.

Loving life when I am living the list of three

Ready for anything

Our travels along the THPL journey teach us to be prepared, prepared for all of the things that we have to know, what can go wrong, and even the things that we have not even thought about.  But maybe, more than anything, what we have to be ready for is when things don’t go our way when we don’t get to the finish line when the score is not the way we want when we don’t have the outcome we expected.  It happened on Everest this past week when the oxygen bottles needed to summit were damaged.  So, after months of being on the mountain and not being able to summit the team was left with a disappointment of sorts – not making it to the summit is challenging for sure but it is really the mental disappointment that we have to work on.  And since most of what we do has some risk of non-completion we need to be ready for potential disappointment.  It takes practice and a level of acceptance that might be beyond what we understand but it really is important that we ready ourselves for those things that might destabilize us and when we do this it will give us a much better chance of accepting what might not be exactly what we want..... but is just all part of the journey

Loving life when I am ready for anything


On this THPL journey inspiration comes from places unexpected, at moments when we least expect, when we are just doing our thing.  And the inspiration that we can see and feel is only there when we are open to seeing it and feeling it and appreciating it for what it can do for us.  We know what is inspiring because it makes us feel different, it brings us to places in our hearts and our heads that we normally don’t go, and it is a catalyst for action. 

From New Zealand, the Palmerston North Boy’s School brings inspiration by the way that they go about educating and actively encouraging and developing the qualities of reliability, honesty, concern for others and leadership.  In the video link below the boys show their respect for a retiring teacher that they admire.  The intensity to their sendoff is off the charts.  It is so sincere, so impactful, so authentic that it is hard not feel inspired to do things at a different level.  We need more examples like this – that is for sure….

Loving life when I am inspired

There is no one type

There are many things to observe while on the THPL journey and equally as many insights and conclusions that we can come to from what we see.  While it does take a bit of effort and focus to be good at observation with a little energy we can make it happen.  And when we do focus on observing one of the things that we realize is there really is no single type of person who takes on the challenges and adventures that are on our THPL journey.  We do not have to be tall or short, fast or slow, or anything for that matter to do something, all we have to do is to be interested, put in a sincere effort, and care about how well we can do when we are focused.  It is reassuring and empowering when we realize that we can indeed do anything we want to because there is no “one type” that we have to be to do what we want to, Amen

Loving life when I can do anything I want

What we eat

There are some topics that are highly impactful to our overall THPL journey. They have a real effect on our experience, our ability to perform, to feel good and to take care of ourselves.  What we eat is one of these topics.  And it is good to remind ourselves that food serves so multiple purposes – yes, it is fuel but it also can provide comfort, nutrition, a feeling of tradition and more. It is good, therefore, for us to be quite considerate in the choices that we make when we eat.  We need to be conscious and thoughtful – have we considered why we chose to eat what we ate and when we eat it?  It is important for us to develop habits that support us as we make decisions about what we eat.   When we do this our food choices get better, we feel better and we can do more and more.  Let’s enjoy some really good food!

Loving life when I eat properly

Time outside

What is a journey if all we do is sit on a chair, stay in one place, keep ourselves occupied with the things around us.  The THPL journey flourishes when we change up the mix, it can be the activities that we take on, the places we go, the people we spend time with and the mix between being inside or outside.  We should push ourselves so that we don’t spend as much time inside as might be normal.  We should make a plan that gets us outside at least once a day if not many times in the day.  There are so many good things that happen when we go outside.  We can also inspire others to go outside when we make an effort ourselves to do so.  There are so many good things to do outside, hike, walk, run, garden, play a game, the list is long and the time outside fun.  Here’s to being outside and enjoying it for the great feeling that it can give us….

Loving life when I am outside

Share your heart

The life element of THPL has so much potential to affect our journey in ways unpredictable and rewarding.  And to make this happen it takes the same kind of effort that we put into fitness and learning.  Sharing our heart is one way for us to express the more real, authentic version of ourselves.  There are many moments that can be catalysts for us to come closer to our feelings and embracing our emotions and it is when we do this that we can share them with others close to us. At this moment there is a great feeling of being human, connected, and in touch with what our journey is really about and how personal fulfillment gets defined in our lives.  

Loving life when I share my heart

What we hear

There are moments on the THPL journey when we are more sensitive to what is happening around us.  Sometimes we are just pushing forward hard and we have a good feeling for what is going on around us and we stay the course – we hear the music that is playing while we take each step forward.  And then there are those moments that are just a bit harder, we find struggle, we have to reach deep, we test ourselves and we find out what we are made of – at these moments it is as if we understand the lyrics to the song.  It is all part of the way our journey unfolds, we hear differently, we feel differently, there are sometimes when we can just open ourselves up differently, let’s embrace it and benefit from how we hear differently, the beauty of the journey that we are on.

Loving life when I hear what is right for the moment 


Our THPL journey, when we are not on a big adventure, has a rather predictable schedule to it.  And it all starts on Monday, just after our weekend, when hopefully we got in some extracurricular activities, took on a challenge, did something different. With a good start to the week on Monday, lots of things fall into place.  And to make this happen we need to get good at our transition from the weekend to the core week.  We want to set ourselves up for keeping our THPL life framework in place – we need to make time for more than just work – Life, Learning, Fitness, they all require time and diligence and we need to keep the balance when it is easy to let it all drift and move to the weekend.  Alas, we cannot do this, we need to stay the course, resist the “work-only” pull and make the week just as good as the weekend.  Monday is the key, when we get off to a good start it carries forward nicely.  So, as we get ready for Monday let’s recommit to ourselves that we are going to live our version of THPL this week and make it a good one.  We will be happier and better for it.

Loving life when I start the week well

In-between meals

For all that we do on the THPL journey, there really is no way we can get to the levels that we know we can get to without the right kind of nutrition plan.  Even our wonderful brain needs calories (carbohydrates) to operate.  And a proper nutrition plan is the way to get from planning to doing and to do it at a very high level.  While much of our food focus is on the core meals per day it is important to design a snacking strategy so that we can operate a level of optimal performance.  And yes, there are a lot of packaged options and they should be included in our plan, however, there are a lot of homemade alternatives that we should embrace including yogurt and berries, home-made trail mix, sweet potatoes, a power smoothie, superfood muffins and many other ideas of our choosing. We just need to focus on the nutrient profile, staying natural and making it easy to eat and of great taste.  Once we have this locked in we can add these in-between items on a daily basis and use them to get us from one activity to another.  We will be better for it and feel great as a result.  A good outcome for us, that is for sure.

Loving life when I am eating in-between meals often.

Roped in

Along the way, on the THPL journey, it is possible that we might do some climbing or mountaineering.  And when we do it is critical that we “rope in”.  This creates a safety system whereby a rope and harness that we are wearing is connected to another fixed point (an anchor, a person). We do this because if anything is to go wrong we have a built-in safety system.  Sort of like wearing a seatbelt in a car - we do these things and 99% of the time we don’t leverage the system.  Then there are the times that are unexpected when being “roped in” saves our lives.  This came to be into play a few days ago on the route up Mt. Everest when two Sherpa climbers fell into a crevasse while traversing the ladders that are used to allow the climber to get across the crevasse.  The safety system worked, and no one was hurt and the team was able to recover from a very dangerous situation.  So, no matter what our circumstance when there is a safety system that we can use – we have to use it.  We never know if we will need them but for sure when we need them we want to be protected.  Another great way to make it through our THPL journey.

Loving life when I am roped in

Our Favorites

We travel the THPL journey and along the way we have the opportunity to compare and contrast all that we experience.  And while much of it we enjoy, there are parts that are just better than others.  So, what is it that makes something our favorite?  Sometimes it is just a feeling, other times it is because there are attributes that we are pre-disposed too.  We might like a hilly run, a scary movie, an adventure book, and so it goes, on and on. When we really know what is our favorite we can look for things that meet our criteria and find some things we like that are similar and feel good.  Maybe a hilly bike ride instead of a run, a scary book instead of a movie and so on.  We can make new favorites by how we go about the journey.  And when we do we really make it more enjoyable and one of our favorites….

Loving life when I am doing my favorite things


We all know what it is like to be on the THPL journey and to see someone smile, to hear a compliment, to feel a positive attitude.  It just makes us feel better and do better.  It is hard to be fussy, to be negative, or to feel the burden of the journey when we are with positive people.  There is something innate inside us that makes us positive when we are around positive feelings.  So, let’s go there. We can be more optimistic and perform better and enjoy what we are doing when we start out positive.  Yes, it is possible that just our attitude can have a big and positive impact on others.  So, let’s stay positive and optimistic and enjoy this journey as we transform others to do the same.  Positive all around! 

Loving life when I am positive

Giro d'Italia 2018

If ever there was a journey that reflected what we want to think of as a THPL journey it is the grand tours of cycling.  There are three each year, each three weeks in length.  The first in Italy, the second in France (the Tour de France) and the third in Spain.  For three weeks the riders battle it out on the road, in the mountains, pushing themselves to their physical limits every day knowing that they have to get up and do it again and again.  The Giro di Italia has been going for four days and it is living up to what we expect.  The difficulty created by competition and terrain the bottom line is that what the guys do is just amazing and remarkable. To get to this level requires physical gifts and hard, hard training.  It will be fun to see who endures the Dolomites and crosses the finish line on that last day in the pink jersey that is reserved for the general classification winner.  Stay tuned and cheer them on – it is a THPL experience for sure.

Loving life when the Giro is on!

What’s next

As we progress along our THPL journey we get good at what we do and then we get impatient, and we want more, never satisfied, and the only thing we can do is to start to think about what’s next.  The good news is that we have more and more resources that we can go to for new ideas, different approaches, creative solutions, and so much more.  It really is exhilarating to be living in an era where change is a constant and new is all around us.  So, maybe we just need to try some new things, learn from others, take on more than normal.  It really is up to us to find our own “what’s next” and when we do we will know it and then go for it.  Yes, let’s keep looking for inspirations for what’s next and then let’s go get it

Loving life when I keep moving forward

The power of nature

It is hard to take the THPL journey and not feel nature up close.  Whether we are taking on a big challenge and getting clobbered by rain, snow, heat, wind or hearing about the conditions in some other part of the world it is easy to feel the power of nature.  And from what we have been seeing on the news about the volcanos in Hawaii it is hard not to feel the impact even if it is far away.  To watch the massive lava flows as they ooze like burnt marshmallows that creep across everything in its path leaving a smoldering trail of destruction.  The pictures coming across the wire services are dramatic and alarming and we are reminded that the power of nature is beyond anything we can imagine, build or contemplate.  We really are just invited house guests on mother earth and everyone once in a while she reminds us of that. Check out the link below to a time lapse of what this amazing phenomenon.  Mother nature wins….and we respect her for all that she does for us – thanks, for sure…..

Loving life when I see nature in action

Cinco de Mayo

In the quest for learning and knowledge along the THPL journey it is great to take a moment and find out about a topic that is in the general consciousness but more than likely not understood or known.  Cinco de Mayo is one of these – it is a day that has become a regular celebration, a celebration of Mexican / American culture.  And while this is a very good reason to celebrate May 5th, the origin of the celebration is that the day commemorates the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. The Battle of Puebla was significant for several reasons. First, although considerably outnumbered, the Mexicans defeated a much better-equipped French army.   Second, since the Battle of Puebla, some have argued that no country in the Americas has subsequently been invaded by any other European military force. Historian Justo Sierra has written in his Political Evolution of the Mexican People that, had Mexico not defeated the French in Puebla on May 5, 1862, France would have gone to the aid of the Confederacy in the U.S. Civil War and the United States' destiny would have been different.  So, maybe our reason to celebrate Cinco de Mayo is even bigger than we realize…..

Loving life when I celebrate Cinco de Mayo

What happens

There are the days, on the THPL journey, that we take on big challenges and we know that it is going to be difficult.  We start with a good attitude and an understanding of how we are going to feel.  And yet, there are still those moments when we encounter that uncomfortable feeling and it stays with us for a while and then a bit of doubt creeps in and our mind starts to wander to places that we know we don’t want to go.  It is at these moments when we need to take that deep breath and pull out our THPL techniques for these situations.  We know that it is going to be uncomfortable, so we assess, is it just the pain that the event brings to us?  What can we do to ameliorate the pain?  How do we embrace the situation knowing it will not be permanent?  In our THPL “kit bag” we have answers to these questions and that is where we need to go.  Once we do the situation starts to improve and the target becomes reachable. That is, after all, the THPL way

Loving life when I find a path forward.

A surprise

We all like the predictability that comes when we put a consistent effort into our THPL journey.  Being a creature of habit can allow us to achieve more than we would ordinarily be able to.  And, yet, there is something special about a surprise, something that we did not expect, that we really could not see coming.  It is fun to be surprised and we can put ourselves in a place to be surprised if we want to.  We can go do something that we are not fully knowledgeable about, we can spend time with people that we don’t know that well, we can go to new places and do things that we might not normally try.  In each situation, we can be surprised, we can feel the positive emotion that comes with a surprise and we can keep going along on our journey, with just a different feeling, a good thing indeed.

Loving life when I am surprised