10 cents for a bag

 One of the good things about writing the blog is that over time you can write about topics (repeatedly).  I think I can do this because there are many a topic that we will want to remind ourselves about (because they are important) or because the topic and our learning’s grow and evolve over time.  Tonight I was reminded that we need to live earth “friendly” lives and the community that we live in (or visit) can make it important enough that we are reminded daily to make the right choices regarding caring for the earth.  When I was checking out from Walgreen’s, the store associate asked me if I wanted a bag for my yogurt, and juice etc and she then told me that it would cost 10 cents if I said yes.  Now 10 cents is not a “life altering” amount but it does bring focus to the decision. I realized that I could walk three blocks to the hotel with the yogurts in my hands and opted against buying the bag (which would have been quickly thrown out for lack of good use after the short walk).  I was quite pleased to do my little bit for the environment and wondered how many bags have been saved since the ordinance completely went into effect in 2012.   The key to all environmental ordinances is to drive to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and today I was in the reduce category – essentially the best one.  No debate about it required, the small change made by the ten-cent charge was just enough reminder that I needed to stay focused on protecting the earth so that the next generation can live their version of THPL. 

Loving life with a yogurt in-hand