100 days

September 22 – day 265 in the year 2013.  Just 100 days left in 2013.  Or is that I still have 100! days left in 2013.  Well, let’s go for the opportunity side of this milestone day in the year.  Yea, baby, we have 100 days, that is a lot of days.  How about we use them to get a lot done on the THPL journey.   Ah, but before we make any big proclamations about what we can do with 100 days maybe we should talk strategy.  

On the journey that we take as we embrace THPL living there are goals that are long term and then there are some that we can drive towards in set defined times.  So, for this challenge let’s each see if we can find one of our goals that build to our THPL life that we can get done in the next 100 days.  And then when we do – let’s take the goal and divide by 100 and then manage it daily, one mile a day, one book a day, and one thank you a day – whatever it is – do it every day. 

A few great things come of this – we learn how to manage at an “atomic” level, we keep our lives inspired by having daily goals and when executed we get done more than we would have otherwise achieved.  We progress – yes, we progress on our THPL journey – that is what it is all about, right?

Loving life with 100 days left, yea!