On the Eve of Number 10

 I am not sure I ever considered that I would run 10 marathons, in ten months at the age of 53, but I am on the eve of doing so.  And the more that I continue to keep my fitness level high the more that I am convinced that age is a factor in fitness but not the limiter that was previously considered.  Initially, the sample of one (me) was good enough proof but what is cool is that recent fitness research shows that fitness can be maintained into your 70’s and even beyond. 

 Recently the University of Pittsburgh conducted a study of 40 competitive athletes, ages 40-81, who worked out four to five days a week.  What they found is that the athletes in the 70’s and 80’s had similar thigh muscle mass as those in the 40s.   The 40s were also just about as strong as the athletes in their 60s.  Dana Torres, Kelly Slater have proven that a lifetime of movement can keep you very, very fit.  The researchers conclusion was that as you get older, you just have to take a different approach to training.  Strength workouts with cardio helps to maintain neuromuscular connections and muscle mass and speed and endurance.  It is a great thing to know and consider as you make a lifetime commitment to THPL.

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