Uber Health

I have written almost 750 blog posts and during this time I have been inspired by others but heretofore have not really “copied” or reposted a post from another site but after cruising the Uber blog site today I feel compelled to mostly copy / share what they have posted.  It is somewhat profound and also amazing that they have take a public health issue, like the flu, and offered to help by using their service as the central part of the offer.  According to Uber the flu affects up to 20% of the US population each year.   And with the majority of US adults vaccinated against the flu in locations other than their doctor’s office, transport is a critical element of getting one’s flu shot.  And as a result here is what Uber did. 

Uber decided to leverage the reliability and efficiency of the Uber platform with the launch of a one-day pilot program Uber Health in select cities.  On October 23rd, Uber partnered with Vaccine Finder to bring flu prevention packs and shots directly to anyone with the touch of a button.  You made the request and they delivered the flu shots.

 They finished their post by stating that “We know the flu is preventable, and we know our riders are always on the go”.  Let Uber help you outsmart the flu this fall.

Stay healthy, and Uber on!

Loving life with my flu shot