A run to enjoy

With winter here sooner than expected it seems that we are met with the choice of to run or not to run – inside or outside – longer or shorter, and these choices seem to come more often than if it were summer.  Yes, at this time of year for the THPL runner these choices become de rigueur.  What seemed easy to do a few months ago now takes some internal convincing.  And so we need to think a bit differently about the choices we are to make.  How can we take advantage of the moment, weather not withstanding, to get out and meet the elements head long for a great run.  It really comes down to perspective.  I try to look at the challenge as an opportunity to do something different.  To get curious, to see what it would feel like if I ventured out and embraced the cold, the rain, the dark.  For sure it could only bring something interesting and new.  And isn’t that what we seek on our THPL journey. 

And with that I laced up my sneakers and stepped into the slushy snow and sloshed and slipped my way to an amazingly fun and enjoyable run.  Yes, the treadmill could have done the trick but the feeling of being outside in the cold, wet, challenging conditions could not be matched.  And when I finished it was hard not to smile as once again the choice to live the THPL got me doing more than I would have and finding out how much more fulfilled life can be when you embrace it and enjoy the opportunity we are so blessed to have.   

Loving life running in the snow and slush