Fall Vegetables

Just a day away from Thanksgiving and the topic of food (and lots of it) will enter into our minds as we each embrace the idea that we will soon be eating one of our favorite dinners of the year.  There is nothing like a Thanksgiving feast to get you focused on what to eat, and with our commitment to our THPL journey it makes sense to think about what we might eat.  There are so many food ideas that we can think about but minimally, for Thanksgiving, we should embrace and take advantage of the fall and winter vegetables that are available at this time of year.  Right now these veggies are at their peak and they can create a wonderful mix of flavors and colors and aromas. For example the sweetness of the cranberries paired with a slightly bitter kale and hearty quinoa will keep you full, satisfied and enjoying this comfort food for the big meal.  Butternut squash is as sweet as candy when roasted in the oven and this bright yellow winter vegetable is rich in vitamin A, energy producing B-complex vitamins and plenty of other phytonutrients.  We know that like its fellow cruciferous vegetable cauliflower is a cool weather crop perhaps best known for its antioxidant properties and it has a wonderful nutty flavor when slow cooked.  I could go on and on – the bottom line is that there a so many wonderful fall vegetables that can serve as the centerpiece of a meal and can bring with it the energy and food profile that serves well the THPL life.   Find your favorites and enjoy them on Thanksgiving and every day after.  We will all be better for it

Loving life with fall vegetables in hand.