Getting Started

When we commit to THPL there are quite a few things that we do not fully understand.  This is good – the THPL journey is a learning journey and we want it to be that way.  And as we get into what it means to live to the THPL lifestyle we think a lot about what is it that we want to do to develop our version of Life, Learning and Fitness.  And what we find is that we can often get excited about all of the new things that we can do.  Most likely, we will not be able to stay true to all of our ideas – so what we should do is to focus on making the right choices and then getting started.  We have to make the move from idea to action.  There can be some initial unconscious resistance – we can tell this when we find ourselves procrastinating, allowing distractions, and rationalizing why we might not follow through. 

Our THPL community experience tells us that the best thing to do is to start with reasonable initial expectations –it is the act of making the commitment and getting it done that is the most important outcome – not volume or speed – no qualitative measure of substance required.   Just getting it done and then doing it again – just measure starting and finishing.  When we feel like we have mastered starting and finishing we can up our goals and add more to the activity.  It is at this moment when we realize that we have embraced an important element of the THPL journey – getting started.  Nicely done, this we all should be proud of.

Loving life when getting started