14 miles

On the journey to 4,000 miles in one year there are days that you have to run more than you feel like.  No way to get there without some long days on the road or the treadmill.  And so it is, I have been as committed to this goal as any I have taken on, and while I still have a short, (relatively speaking), distance to go before I get to the goal, it struck me today after my fourth day in a row at 14 + miles that the body and mind do adapt – connect them to a goal and they always follow.  Sometimes there is reluctance, even a bit of pain but if you believe in the goal then the 14 mile runs will come.  Now this is not to say that running these distances is suggested or even advisable, rather it is a statement in the power of the goal and the power of the body, mind and spirit connection.  Use the power in your own life, find little excuse, give yourself time, and you will accomplish a lot, way more than ever conceived.  I am not exactly sure how I will feel when I hit that 4,000 mile goal but for sure it has been an amazing experience and one that on my THPL journey I would not trade for anything.  Give it a try – what?  Try something crazy and see where it takes you. 

Loving life 14 miles at a time


Joey g