Number 9

Dateline September 28, Yonkers NY – The running of the second oldest marathon in the US.  A very hilly course, two loops, and on it I completed my ninth marathon for 2014.  Of the approximately 1000 runners, 200 were there for the marathon.  This made for quite a “lonely” second loop.  And so with limited contact it became one step after another with the motivation coming from the idea that I was getting closer and closer to my goal of a marathon a month.  And before I realized it I crossed the finish line in 3:31 hours – good enough for 21st overall and 2nd in my age group.  

At this point it is hard to reconcile the idea that I have run nine marathons this year.  If you were to ask me how I am feeling; I would answer, great, physically and mentally but also not yet satisfied.  This is the THPL influence at play. THPL comes from connecting activity to goals.  If the goal was one marathon then you feel great when it is completed.  If the goal is 12 marathons then this is just one step along the way there.  Both require focus, follow through, and execution.  It is this lesson that I am learning again and again.  Goals, turn to plans, that are made possible by making a true commitment to get it done which keeps you on track and accountable to deliver on the goal.  The question – is it hard to do this? – I would answer, yes, it is hard but also doable.  And so I press on knowing that completing three more marathons seems within reach but I will not take anything for granted.  A lot can happen in three months.  So, today got me one step closer and now it is time to stay the course / commitment and work the races one at a time.   Yup, that’s it, THPL in action.

Loving life having completed nine marathons


Joey g