THPL represents a set of attributes that define strength and from it we think about words like will, discipline, drive, results.  And while we all have the best intentions to live the THPL life to the fullest there are times when we are not able to stand up to our commitments and that being accountable to ourselves is the really hard activity; maybe even harder than doing the activity itself.  And so how can we turn this around such that we take the energy it would take to “not do the activity” and use it such that we get focused on getting it done.  It takes just a simple decision to stand up to the challenge, take accountability for our actions, and take the first step and then momentum creates an enabler for getting it done.  It is true that on the road to high performance we will have many challenges and therefore building a process to overcome them is required if we are to enjoy the ride and get to the levels that we want. At the end of the day the degree to which we do this better we will be better for it and will be a THPL role model for others to copy.

Loving life, when getting over obstacles.