30-day challenge

 OK, its August 1st and we have seven months of 2014 behind us - five months to go.  The year is going by quickly.  Do you remember setting your goals for 2014?  Have you measured your progress?   I did a quick assessment of progress against my THPL goals and I am doing very well on some categories, pull-ups, running, and my video learning ok, not a surprise.  A few other goals are still challenging me so I thought it was time to amp it up a bit.  I think it is time for a micro goal for August.  The goal does not even have to be on our 2014 goal list.  Just something that you are going to do for the next 30 days, every day, no excuses, no misses.  

Pick the category you want - life, learning, or fitness.  Write down the goal and then do it every day and document the results being met. You can make your goal a steady pace goal – for example read 20 minutes a day.  Or you can make it a progressive goal.  For example, start with 10 pushups and add one additional pushup a day.  You get to pick.  This challenge should be simple. The test is less about something hard to do and more about your discipline.  So, what will it be?  What is your challenge?  I will check back in  30 days and see how you did.   I am off to figure mine out…..

Loving life when I have a challenge to keep me focused.

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