500 Posts

There is something in life, and especially in THPL, that makes hitting performance milestones feel different than other steps along the journey.  Is 500 posts really better than 499?  Is a 3:59 better than 4:00 minutes in the mile?  Are 10,000 hours really better than 9,999?  From one perspective the answer is – not really – the time or count difference is imperceptible.  From the perspective of performance though – it makes all the difference in the world.  It is at these generally recognized milestones that we take it to another level by breaking barriers that we have known of and targeted.  And yes, these new levels are hard to get to and mostly because they represent a level of commitment, focus and follow through that few people achieve.

The goal then is to be explicit about how you are going to seek to achieve one of these “milestones” in the pursuits and endeavors that you have made integral to your THPL journey.  From there you will need to orient your activities and your life circumstances so that you can achieve them.  It might take time and effort and sacrifice but they are worth focusing on not just because you feel great when you achieve them – you actually will feel different and that is what a new level of performance is really about. 

I thank tumblr for letting me know that I have hit 500 posts – this one feels quite good – not sure I ever thought I would get there and now I am.  A great day indeed!  What goal are you working on?  How is it going?  Stay true to it – you will be forever rewarded for it.  Best of luck – remember focus, follow through, and execution.  That’s it!  

Loving life and 500 Posts


Joey G

photo: Paul Robinson’s instagram