80 Degrees


There are some days, more than others, when a good strong fitness morning program starts you off on a great footing.  You have the accomplishment of completing an exercise regimen, you feel good because your body was awaken by the routine, and your mind cleared by a good dose of dopamine.  And today was to be one of those days.   I had it all planned out – 11 mile treadmill run, some weights, and then some crunches.  It would be a great THPL fitness day.  And into the hotel gym I walked and I was instantly startled by the blast of heat.  Ooops, something must be wrong.  I entered, found the thermostat and there it was 80 degrees, ugh.  80 degrees, no window, no fan, nothing.  No one at the hotel could fix the issue at 5 am and so there I was confronted with the shift from anticipation to dread.  With little option but to proceed, I started the treadmill and after one challenging mile I realized a new mental strategy would be required.  I was going to need to run (11) one mile runs – not an 11 mile run.  I needed to mentally limit the run to eight minute segments.  This I could do!  Just run for eight minutes and then do it again.  I will say that none of the 11 segments went by quickly.  I stay focused on the short term goals and they did ultimately build to the overall goal, but, it was a slog, sweating is an understatement and while it was quite satisfying to finish it took as much mental energy as it did physical energy to get it done.  The good news is the rest of the workout and the day proceeded quite nicely. 

The story reminds us that the THPL journey has a “reality meter” in the middle – that is, there are times, more often than not, when the plan gets challenged and there is a choice to be made.  Find a way to alter your strategy, find a way to finish, make sure you accomplish your goal.  Or abandon and be left with a void.

I have found that there is always a way to complete the next leg of the journey – it is just a question of do you want it enough.  And if you do want it, it helps if you come prepared with the risk mitigating strategies that you worked out ahead of time so that when you need them you can pull them out and put them to good and productive use.  You and your THPL life will, I am confident, be happier for it. 

Loving life and any version of 80 degrees…


Joey g

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