A good reminder

 We spend a lot of time on our THPL journey thinking about the proper design of our lives and our activities and I thought it would be good to remind ourselves that we need to consider what advice we should carry with us that works at all times.  Advice and approaches that are just sound regardless of the circumstance.  I bet each of you can add to this list – and you should do that.  Here goes, this is just a starting point, a good reminder for how we optimize our own version of THPL.

  • Be humble in all activities, start with respect and preparation and then when in doubt bail out.
  • Pure hard work without smart recovery can lead to a loss of interest and fatigue. Learn to let easy days be easy and have a day-off be a day-off.
  • Routine is great and when combined with commitment it can lead to great performance.  However, life can be unpredictable so keep your activity and training plan flexible so you can adapt to your environment. 
  • If you are going to do something “stupid” (aka hard) then be smart about it.  Avoid impulse behavior and don’t hurry.  Time will make sure you do the right thing.
  • Make decisions based on the facts and try to make decisions based on emotion.   And if all else fails, ask one of your peers for their thoughts and advice – it often is what you would do if you were being logical.

 Loving life, when having a set of rules to live by