A new chance for hope

The path to THPL starts at the moment someone acknowledges that they want to do more – to be more – to learn more.  They make the choice and they start by developing the Life element of THPL.  And there is a lot that can come of the aspiration and hope that each new member of our community brings to the journey.  But lest we forget – there are many aspiring THPL friends who have some sort of challenge in front of them that makes the THPL journey difficult, if not impossible.

We all know that there are many organizations, ideas, groups and other who can provide some level of help and assistance to the aspiring THPL person.  And for this we are grateful.  Today, however, I suggest that we all reflect on how we can get more involved in helping people close to us and far away from us to achieve their version of THPL.  There are a few of us on the community who do this by working the Penn Foster mission to bring affordable education as a life enabler to those who need a different, less costly, model.  And there are other groups like Indieogogo and their sponsorship of Hope for Rehabilitation 2.0 who have their version of how to help. 

Minimally it is great to watch the video on their site as it characterizes and depicts a new chance for hope for a small group of high performing people.  I hope this inspires you to want to do more if you so choose – or you can think about how else you can help those of less fortune.  Either way it is always good to be in tune with your inner self and what is possible and how you can help.  Give it some thought on this holiday weekend….Enjoy

Loving life with a new chance for hope