Are You Ever Really Ready?


In four days’ time, March 1st will be upon us and I will be in Tucson AZ for the Old Pueblo 50 mile trail race.  The third marathon (or ultra as the case may be) on my 2014 journey to do at least a marathon a month.  I have put in as many miles as I could practically run, I have trained up hills and down hills, run fast and slow, and have worked on the mental preparation to get out on a course and run 50 miles.  My plan has me thinking that it will take ten hours or more to get done.  Ten hours, though, has limited consideration for the unknowns.  How will I do with the altitude, the mountains, and the 8000 feet of climbing, oh yea and the weather, the trails, snakes, cactus and more?  Yes they are all factors to be considered and yes they could / make for a challenging day – but that is what these races are supposed to be and that is why we go out there.  We go there because we like being ready for some but not all of what we will encounter. We cannot be ready for that which we cannot predict, but we can be ready for the challenge, the journey, and the test of the strength of soul. This is what I count on to take me from start to finish line one step after another – dig deep. 

And so no, we never really are ready but we know that our THPL life experience has prepared us for the unknown, the mystery, the challenge and more – it will be a hard day that is what these races are supposed to be.  The next few days are the time to get these thoughts stuck in my brain so that when I do start at 6 am on Saturday I will be ready, in the only way that we know how to do these kinds of events – will all our heart, soul, and spirit.   The journey begins shortly – Arizona here I come!

Loving life and born ready



Photo Credit: daveograve@ via Compfight cc