Attitude is Everything

One of the aspects of being part of the THPL community is that you meet a lot of people who have a very positive attitude.  Just being around them makes you feel better.  They bring energy to each conversation, they tell you that tough stuff is fun, they make you think that pain is not all that bad and they just make you feel like you can do more – and all because of their positive attitude.

And as is the case with much of what we learn on this THPL journey – our progress, our performance, our possibilities are all formed by how we think and approach what we do and who we “hang” with.  And after spending time today with some very positive people I thought that a gentle reminder as to how to do this would be in order.

  • Make your attitude important - your attitude will determine most of how you feel each day
  • Attitude matters - Without proper attention your attitude will be neglected and will suffer
  • Make your attitude a priority.  Check yourself - and always bring your energy and spirit and make them front and center and your attitude will be positive.
  • Check yourself often – do others want to be with me because of my attitude - do I make them and me better
  • Role model good attitude and all will be great. 

Loving life and a positive attitude. 


Joey g