Caring does matter

 When people in over 50 counties around the world were asked to report their guiding principle for life the value that mattered the most was caring.  And so let’s think about how we could practice it for a bit

Here are just a few random acts of kindness you can practice this spring for your friends, family, and co- workers that would show that you care. What might you add to the list?

  1. Pick up a random piece of garbage left of a sidewalk that you would normally pass by and throw it in to the trash.
  2. Offer to write a recommendation for someone you worked with on LinkedIn.
  3. Put something cute in a tip jar along with the tip, like a sticker, or note that says something like you are the best and that was the best food ever. 
  4. Take a picture of someone you care about and send it to them with a nice note telling them how great they look.
  5. Bake or buy cookies and bring them into your co-working space or client’s office.
  6. Compliment a waiter or waitress, then go tell their boss or manager how great the service was. Then, if you can, tip the waiter or waitress 100%, especially if you’re a regular customer.
  7. Pick a few wildflowers on your give them to someone significant in your life.
  8. Compliment a fellow worker about the great work that they had recently done
  9. Take a lunch and take yourself out to a cafe with an outdoor patio. Don’t bring work with you and turn off your phone and laptop. A random act of kindness to yourself.

Loving Life and caring for others.