Core Values: Champions

The core values of a club, a group, a company or a community are those values which form the foundation of how we live and operate.  They are constants in an ever-changing world.  Essentially they are the guidepost for how we do our work; they drive the practices that we use and they set a context for how we interact with each other.  There are a clear set of core values for THPL that reflect how we think about Life, Learning and Fitness.  And we have been living them as we drive towards each of our versions of THPL. 

For today, though, I thought I would take a step into the world of the core values of Penn Foster.  Our core values do indeed underpin the whole organization and guide us in our decision making.  And even though we have been living them for quite some time it is clear that the more we make them explicit and practice them the more that they come alive and get executed in the most pure and natural of ways.  And so I thought that it would be fun to take one of the six core values and post about them, thematically, for a month.  Yes, over the next six months we will have “core values month” where we celebrate and practice the core value for that month.  Seems to me that this could be quite the learning experience (yes, the connection to THPL). 

For July our core value of the month is Be a Student Achievement Champion.  Champion, the verb, to support the cause of, to defend.  Achievement, something done successfully, typically by effort, courage or skill. 

And so it is, we are to be supporting our students, dedicating our time, our collective capabilities, our insights, and our passion.   We are to support their cause and to provide encouragement and commitment to their success. Our students can tell when we are their student achievement champions.  They want us in that role.  We just need to decide to live up to the mission and the result.  No one of us is better at doing it than the other.  Rather we just need to do it in our own way.  Culture is a way of being; our core values are the building blocks that support it.  I can see that we are getting closer and closer every day to being able to truly hold ourselves accountable to delivering on these core values.  Yes, we are Student Achievement Champions.

Loving life, as a Student Achievement Champion