Cross Fit

For the THPL practitioner there is always some form of fitness in their life.  It could be running, cycling, weight lifting, kite boarding etc, the specific activity is less relevant than is the commitment to being fit.  And then there are the days that we reach beyond what we have become proficient at and we try another fitness activity and we find out how specific our strength and capability has become, Is it really possible that our current fitness does not transfer as much as we would like?  That we are sort of a beginner again, albeit one that is comfortable with the newness, the challenge, the difficulty?  Well yes, I am here to report that it really is good to reach out across from the fitness activity that you are good at to try a new one. 

If you are considering trying something new then Cross Fit is a good activity to try.  Cross Fit has been around since 2000.  It is a strength and conditioning program with the aim of improving, muscular strength, cardio endurance, and flexibility. It uses a perpetually changing mix of aerobic exercise, gymnastics, and weight lifting.  With a program that uses constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity for set periods of time it can indeed improve your fitness and at the same time remind you that you have a long way to go do be a truly cross functional THPL practitioner.  Yes indeed it is fun and hard at the same time.

With Christmas behind us, New Year’s Day just around the corner and a few 2014 resolutions to develop Cross Fit might just fit well on your list of goals for the New Year. 

Loving life and being sore after a Cross Fit session



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