Do you know more?

Life, Learning, and Fitness – what have you done about that learning thing?  Are you smarter and more informed than you were a year ago?  What do you know now that you did not know a year ago?  Can you write it down?  Remember it?  And while what we did yesterday is great we need to think more about what we are doing now and tomorrow – So, ask yourself, have you started your Learning year strong?    Do you have real learning goals?  Are you putting enough time into it?  Yes, it really is important to keep the learning process alive – it is the foundation of who we are and what is possible.  We have Google, yes, it makes much of our discussions fact based.  I suppose this makes us smarter.  I would suggest though, that we need to go one level beyond just using Google to feel smarter.  We need to make it a priority to go deeper in a topic that matters to us.  Do some research, ask questions, find experts and talk to them.  Be active, make it a goal to know more, to be “smarter” to become a go to person on a topic and be the best at problem solving.  It all comes down to being active.  Simple advice for THPL practitioners - schedule time for learning, make learning a priority, and celebrate what you learn.  You will be better for it.

For grins check this out – quite the list of things we know now that we did not know a year ago.  Can you create a similar list a year from now? A goal worth considering for 2014

Loving life and learning!