There are a lot of aspects that we talk about relating to THPL.  We have Life, Learning, and Fitness.  We have our path to improved performance.  Of course there is the broader community and so much else.  And for as much as we have talked about THPL, one of the expected outcomes from living the THPL life that has been overlooked is that THPL sets you up for living the empowered life.  We hear the word empowerment often but I am not sure if we know how to characterize it or measure it.  Innately it seems that we want to be empowered but often we feel there are obstacles.  But why the obstacles?  Maybe they come from our lack of understanding of where the “power” in empowerment emanates.  

So, how about we think this way - empowerment is the ability to think and act on our own.  To do so without fear or question.  To have confidence and belief that what we do, works for us.  My premise is that we get to this state as a bi-product of THPL.  We do so because we set a foundation for an empowered life by the way we live our lives, we are reinforced by our participation in the community and we are encouraged to set our own path by the support we get from THPL.  And when we find our path there we need to fight to protect our feeling and act of empowerment.  We cannot allow others to believe that they can disable it.  We are to decide and guide ourselves to be empowered.  We do not need someone to tell us that we cannot think and act on our own.  And when we internalize empowerment it becomes very sticky.  One more point - help your community members and your friends to become empowered.  Your support of them and their view on the topic will be very impactful.  They will thank you for it and the THPL community will be better for it.  Have fun being empowered!

Loving life, of course, when I am empowered