First Quarter

A beautiful warm July summer night and above me is a crystal clear, enchanting nighttime sky framing a bright and shining moon.  What could be more captivating?  I quickly move away from the nearby urban ambient light to get a better view of this magnificent half- moon as it rose high in the sky.  Maybe it was this vivid picture that set me to thinking about the one astrological thing I had learned a long time ago.  What I would ordinarily call the half moon is officially called a quarter moon.  That is because we only see one half of the lighted moon  - the other quarter is shining brightly away from us on earth. But the dreamer in me makes me want to think half-moon.  No need for astrological facts to distract me from this mysterious moon floating in the sky.   It is soon to set, at midnight to be specific, time to turn off THPL for a moment of rest knowing that the dimming of night sky is our sign that it is ok to turn off our light for today, prepping for tomorrow while we sleep.  Soon enough both the moon and I will arise ready to watch for the soon to be full moon and another magical nighttime sky.. 

 Loving Life under the light of the moon