For those of you in the Northeast today is a true and unadulterated SNOW day.  It really brings back memories of growing up, when we would dream, hope and pray for a snow day so that school would be cancelled.  And on those rare moments when you got the word (no not by text message) by listening to the radio, through the long list of school closings, that your school was closed, you were ecstatic.  Almost immediately you were in your snow pants and boots and begging your mom to let you out.   Was there a better day you could have?  No classes, no boundaries, no rules.  Just spend as much time as you possibly could outside till your clothes were soaked through, your face bright red, you had no feeling in your fingers and you were so hungry you could eat for three.  Three snowmen, four snow angels and countless snow ball fights later you were ready to go in when your mom called.  What a wonderful day it was.
Are we ever too old for a “snow” day – I dare hope not – the snow day is essentially a metaphor for a simpler life, a beautiful time, a necessary break from the “grind”.  Seems to me that we have forgotten how wonderful this kind of simple pleasure can be.  Sadly, I report that we often stay in on days like this stuck to a computer or tethered to a TV.  Afraid to venture because “something” might happen.  Sledding is too dangerous, you could catch the flu, someone might abduct you?  I don’t buy it.  I challenge us to love snow days for what they are – singular moments where you can be free to enjoy, removed from your burdens and liberated from the mundane.  You can do it and you can urge others to do so.  Go out, be free, let go. 
And so it is, the punch line, obvious yes, but bears stating —— you don’t need the “frozen stuff” to take a snow day – take just any day and call it a snow day - then engage life on a different level – I challenge us to do it not once, but at least four times a year.  Imagine what life, your life, would be like if you did this?  Let’s think bigger….imagine what would happen if millions of people took their snow days and by so doing took the edge off – might be that the utter beauty and simplicity of life would change the world. 
It made me think of Louis Armstrong singing What a Wonderful World – take a listen if you feel so inspired.  – “what a wonderful world it would be if we only gave it a chance”
I hear there is some good progress on the Sally challenge - a few new entrants and a few seconds added to the total.  Keep it up!  You guys are doing great. I am still waiting for my day off, till then I am going to suffer along with you to the end of the song.  Got there tonight with less than a second to spare.  Thought I would do better since I did it before 10 pm.  Maybe that one more hour of recovery would have helped?  167 pushups, yup, that was hard as well  :-)  . 
loving life, yea that’s it!
Stay warm and dry,