Friday Night

The end of the week, a moment to transition, think about the week that just was, reflect and assess.  So how do you feel?  What is a great week?  Or do you have that feeling like not doing anything.  Might you have lost your motivation?  Maybe the cold weather?  Or it could it be a combination of overtiredness from a few days of hard work, and a lack of sleep?   Reality tells us that it is possible that even on this wonderful THPL journey that there are weeks that might end a bit flat.  So, the question is do you just sit there in a funk?  Or do we start the process of figuring a way out of it? 

Of course, the answer is yes, there is always a way out – it starts by remembering that every day counts, that how we think about how we feel is as important as how we feel.  And then it becomes real when we pull out our THPL process – start with a Dream, Plan it, Practice it and Do it. And if this is too big then it really is just about creating some kind of momentum – pick something that can get you moving on the “right” track.  It can be as simple as smiling or thinking happy thoughts.   And once you are moving it starts to gets better – it is that simple.

I think that Helen Keller said it best - ‘Self-pity is our worst enemy and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in this world.’

Loving life and getting going again