Getting Ready for 2014

While we take time to reflect on all that was in 2013 we also have to get ourselves ready for our next year on our THPL journey.  We know that the mantra of Dream it, Plan it, Practice it, Do it gives us a good structure for our annual plans and how to get them to be realized.  And so then we need to “pour in” a few ideas to make sure that we set ourselves up for a powerful New Year.  And so here are a few thoughts to consider as you build out your 2014 plan. 

  • Be curious – find activities and projects that extend what you know and who you are. 
  • Build a plan that is realistic and also has elements of “stretch” in it. 
  • Be accountable to the plan you define.  Do not put things in it / on it that you know you will not do – it just creates strain that is not necessary. 
  • Make 2014 into the year that you want it to be.  You do not need to have all of the answers now – you can learn along the way.  Embrace your THPL community for support and focus on how you are going to take your version of Life, Learning and Fitness to the next level.  The specifics are to come  - for now organize your mind, your body and your soul so that you are ready for an amazing year ahead.

Loving life and getting ready for an amazing 2014