Great Service is a Choice

More and more there is parity in the products that we buy, consume, use or want.  The features are the same, or just slightly different, and if you take price out of the equation it is hard to know how to pick one brand’s product versus another’s.  It appears then that if you are a consumer the only “real” criteria to use as you make a selection is the service that comes with the product or is available after you own the product.   So the formula appears to be rather simple – good product, great service – you win! 

Might even go as far as to say that this model is THPL like.  You drive better service you get better performance.  I like the sounds of it.  So, what are we missing?  Good service is hard to find and Great service even more rare.  What is happening?  It would appear that the people who are empowered to deliver the service experience are not in alignment with what makes a difference to their customers.  They think it is the product (it is what they focus on) and the customer thinks it is the service.  I think it is time for a reset.  A suggestion:

  1. Acknowledge that service is the differentiator for you and your customer
  2. Go beyond traditional service training  - set new objectives for the role of service
  3. Define great service , find your service role models in your organization and celebrate them
  4. Make the choice to deliver great service
  5. Empower the team to deliver
  6. Step back and admire

Loving Life and great service



icon: Customer Service designed by Ricardo Mira da Silva from the Noun Project