Yes, Yes, THPL is all about high performance, the seriousness of our endeavors, the accountability to ourselves, the journey and much, much more…….. could it be, though, that even the best of us like to just have some fun every once in a while, laugh a bit for no good reason, act a little silly and truly enjoy the moment?  Well that was today – the Penn Foster team put on a Halloween show for the ages, from one side of the building to the other each team put on their own version of trick-or-treat…… candy, decorations, costumes, food, fun and games.  Fueled by nothing but spirit and an understanding that camaraderie and teamwork…. and….. a bit of silliness, humanizes us and allows us to be better, way better  - so we went for it.  

Why? Because without knowing we dropped the shroud that covers our insecurities and we eliminated the phantom risks that take us off course, and voila, we became the best version of ourselves, I saw it again today – yes, true – Halloween is the kind of moment to be used to reset, to reflect and to be proud.  Proud of all we can do alone and together.  Trick or Treat?????

Loving life, candy in hand!