Hanging with the "big dogs"

A day removed from attending the Aspect Annual Users conference, that I presented at, and I was thinking about how special it was to be watch my buddies (of 20 years) Stew Bloom CEO and Spence Mallder CTO on stage orchestrating a great event. While there I also ran into two other very talented colleagues (Ken and John) from a prior work experience (10 years ago) and I reflected on the fact that I have had a very privileged career to have worked with such amazing people time after time. It made me realize, yet again, that it is the people we surround ourselves with who literally make us who we are. And when they say you’re the average of the top five people you spend the most time with, it’s true.

So, we have a choice to make as we chart our path towards THPL.  Option one is to work actively to find great people, hang around them, work with them and then try to keep up with them and improve every day as a result.  Or option two is to hang around “less motivated” individuals and run the risk of stagnating and stalling because we do not have any reason to get better. 

When you write down the options it seems so obvious what choice to make, but in reality it is a bit more complicated, takes work and the choice needs to fit into the priority in one’s life.  Once all of this in place then you have to be very active in making it happen – (remember Dream it, Plan it, Practice it, Do it), yup that is the approach.  I can tell you from personal experience working with great people and the effort required to make it so, is worth it.  I can also tell you that there is no “road map” to making it happen.  You just have to put yourself in the right position and when the right time comes be ready to play with the big league boys.  Learn the art of saying yes and you will be well on your way to “running with the big dogs” and before you know it you will be the lead “big dog” and the relationships you have and foster will be the fuel in your career.  Seek it out and then use it as you see fit. 

Loving life even more with my buddies