How many days has it been?....

So how many days have we been doing this?  I have lost count. Someone told me once that when you do anything for 21 days it becomes a habit and what a good habit it will be….

We are close to the 21 days, I am sure of it - so that means we have to stick to the plan - Moby Flower every day (night for some of us), Sally here we come.  

Ok - to the punch line - 2:44 tonight - thought I was much closer to the end.  Did the rest thing again (30 seconds) and finished it - still way too hard.

Need to get stronger - 100 pushups for good measure (no, not all in one set).

TGIF is tomorrow - must mean I get to do it again - what better way to cap off a week?

Hope your day was as great as mine, spinning, running, pushups and oh yea a few things in between  :-)