If at first you don’t succeed

Yes, that’s right Diana Nyad completed her 103 mile swim from Cuba to Florida today.  At the ripe old age of 64 she conquered her own fears and the very real dangers of being in the open waters of the Caribbean and so after four failed attempts at 3 pm est. she exited the water after 60+ hours of swimming to stand on the beach in Key West, Florida.  Could it be that there is a more fitting example of THPL?  Not sure but if there is we need to be on the lookout for others who challenge convention, adversity, and previous failure to show that indeed we are redefining what is possible.  There is something in all that she did that can give us pause as we think about how to chart our own journey to THPL.  Her accomplishment trumps some typical barriers to success:

  • Age was not a barrier – 64 years old, if this is what we call retirement then sign me up;
  • Technology ever present took it up another level and was there and available and really helped her set the direction for the swim and to do so much more;
  • Support – over 70 volunteers, five boats, many scientists, doctors etc. were there for her, we can indeed make things happen with a team;
  • Fitness – ridiculous, really, to think about it, seems to me that swimming 103 miles is harder than an ultra -anything;
  • Life – her spirit is off the charts; she is indefatigable and unwilling to quit.  She shows that it is ok to “hurt” a bit on the way to achieving your goal.

The list of lessons and learnings are endless when someone makes the impossible possible.  I for one know that I can choose not to do something but I cannot make an excuse for not doing something.  Diana reminded me of that again today.  Yes, indeed if at first you don’t succeed don’t make an excuse for not going back at it again.

Loving Life on my second and my third attempt