In a Garage

I am sure that if you are a member of the THPL community that you read a lot, you observe a lot, travel, listen, absorb and then subconsciously you assimilate enough such that you get smarter and more informed and maybe even motivated to do more.  And so the process goes…  And for sure it works as a great model for learning. 

But when we are thinking about going beyond traditional learning, when we want to try something new, build something that was not built before we do what appears to come naturally – we “go to the garage”.  More ideas, startups, companies and inventions have been created in a garage than in almost any other setting.  And so I set to ponder – why is it that we use the “garage” to do out best thinking to build our best idea into the next Google and why is it that we find a place that is not really conducive to anything but parking a car to start out on a “new idea” journey.  Now I am sure that you have your hypothesis for why this is the case and all I have is an opinion.  What is more important though, is that we have developed an accepted model, albeit unconventional, for how to start a company or a new idea.  We go to the garage.  We find simplicity, ease of access, speed and inspiration there.  Maybe we can use a “garage” metaphor in our lives.   When we need to come up with a new idea – we should just go to the garage.  It is likely that you be more successful than not if you do this and I suggest you give it a try and see what comes of it.

Loving life in my garage.