Lone Survivor

When we think about a role model for THPL and how to think, behave, to live it, for sure it would the Navy Seals.  They live to the standards we write about in the blog and the way we challenge ourselves to live.  And over the past weekend Lone Survivor, the true story of a Navy Seal mission gone awry rocked it at the box office.  The book was equally as good when it came out about five years ago.  The story is strong and it truly shows the themes of challenge, courage, and brotherhood.  There are many ways to learn how to live to the standards of THPL – one of them is to watch others do it.  It might be worth the two hours that the movie plays out as to see THPL in living color.  Enjoy it, I did, and I will for sure keep the Navy Seal messages and beliefs alive in my THPL heart


Loving life and the idea that the Navy Seals are on our side