Never to Slow

Yes, THPL is all about increasingly levels of performance.  And at times this perspective can intimidate newbies such that they may not want to get involved.  This situation needs to be avoided.  For many of us who have been part of the THPL community for quite some time we realize that going slow is a legitimate option, one that has a very distinct and important role to play in the THPL running journey.  And so here are a few points to remember about going slowly:

  1. We all started out running slowly (and BTW this is all relative).  Starting to run is the most important step you can take, not the speed that you run at. Slow = good
  2. Running at a comfortable pace (aka slow) strengthens you muscles, lungs, heart, your whole body benfits – this is a good thing!
  3. Endurance running is done at a “slow” pace – “slow” is the best pace to be able to run for extended periods of time and it is also the speed that burns the most fat.
  4. You can run again and again and again when you run at your “slow” (endurance) pace.  Try running every day – you will be surprised at how good you feel.  
  5. When you run at a slow pace you can run with friends (almost everyoe can go at a slower pace); the run can be conversational and will go by quickly when it is so
  6. Running slowly can reduce the risk of injury – less hard pounding will do that for you.

Yes there are times that we need to run fast (doing intervals, in a race) but there are truly to be reserved for special and scheduled days.  The rest of the time, run slowly and enjoy it – it is doing you a world of good

Loving Life and running slowly



Photo Credit: Dave_G_Stewart via Compfight cc