Out of the Rut

A lot of years ago I read a poem entitled Get out of the Rut.  And its message has stuck with me for years and years and I have practiced living in a way that is not just one day the same as the other.  And as hard as I try, the familiarity and predictability of training, eating and resting every day makes for an easier and seemingly more productive life.  But if you are not careful you will find that your wonderful “rut” can get deeper and deeper and then it is hard to get out.  And while “rut” living is not a bad existence it is counter to the THPL life.  In THPL we strive to do better, to learn, to grow and to challenge.  It is foundational to our mission and vision.  And so the question is what to do if you find yourself in that rut……The recommendation, then, is to embrace change in a practical and real way such that you work your way out of the rut and into the beginning of your new life.  One way to accelerate change is by getting out of your comfort zone and doing something new that challenges you.  Some examples would include:  

  • Run with a friend who is faster than you.
  • Get up earlier in the morning.
  • Do your long run in the middle of the week.
  • Change up your gym/ strength routine.
  • Experiment with your diet and training fuels.
  • Sign up for a race you’ve never done.
  • Go to a destination race.
  • Do a race or activity that intimidates you.

Now if you can do any combination of these activities you will definitely be out of that rut!  Enjoy!

Loving Life and bring myself up and out