Plastic Bags

THPL is all about doing that which most people choose not to do.  We choose to push to the limit, to try new things to make commitments to being better and better over time.  And while we would like more people to be part of the THPL community it seems that many people are comfortable with staying at the surface level – not interested in digging in to see what else they might find.  They have a set of beliefs that are mostly fixed and as such the journey that is THPL is not in their plans. 

And so if THPL is indeed about challenge, new, different, not traditional, then we need to be able to think differently about some ideas that previously we thought as “true”.  One example of this is the point of view that we have of plastic bags (mostly used in grocery).  We have been trained to think that they are bad for the environment and that they should be avoided at all costs.  A group called Bag the Ban has done a bunch of work to look again at the plastic bag and to see if the previously thought perspectives are still valid.  We need not initially embrace every perspective but it is worthy of consideration.  Consider the following and then let’s see if we can find additional research that validates much of their POV.

  • Plastic bags are 100% reusable and recyclable.
  • Recycled plastic bags are used to make new plastic bags, backyard decks, plumbing pipes and more
  • 9 out of 10 Americans reuse their plastic bag at least once more.
  • Plastic grocery bags require 70% less energy to manufacture than paper bags, and;
  • Paper bags take up more room in current landfills by 9.3 times.

There is no question that this is not a simple topic – the real point is that to be living THPL we have to make sure what we know and act on and believe in is actually “true” and not what we had heard second hand or a long time ago.  Let’s keep our minds and hearts open to new and different points of view and decide then how to live our version of THPL.

Loving Life and challenging preconceived notions