Playing in the Sun

Tonight we change over from Standard Time to Daylight Savings Time.  And in the blink of an eye we make the day appear longer.  By adjusting the clock ahead we get more sun / daylight in our typical waking hours.  Conceived by George Hudson in 1895 and implemented after WWI daylight savings was put in place to save energy, promote outdoor leisure activity in the evening, and provide a whole host of economic benefits.  It is really interesting to think of how a simple change in thinking and process could have such a broad scale impact.  I think it is curious, but not coincidental, that many of the elements of THPL align to the reason to implement daylight savings – sunlight is good for physical and psychological health, it gets you outside more and it just makes you feel better.  Just think, starting tomorrow you have an extra hour at the end of the day to get in a walk, a run , a ride or a visit to your favorite park to read a book.  Most everyone I have met in my life tells me that they can live with short days but they much prefer sun and as much of it as they can get.  To this point, in 1999 I was offered an opportunity to move to Sweden for work.  One of the main reasons I declined was that for six months of the year there was limited sunshine and this reality could not trump the really long days you got in the summer months. What appears to be better is to live in Phoenix or Sacramento where they have 300+ sunny days (including a few clouds)  a year –  then if you throw in the extra hour of daylight  that they get tomorrow and they virtually live in a constant state of “glow”.

And so what to make of this and THPL?  Seems, from this example, that we have the power to align external factors to our life when it is helpful to us and to living the way we want to.  I am sure that very few people would have contemplated or tried to get this idea adopted.  Even years later it seems next to impossible that we would change the clock to align to sunlight.  But George was not to be deterred; in his own way he decided he wanted to live THPL.  And he wanted it so badly that he changed time and the way we live in it.  It might be a stretch to think that any of us will do something this far reaching.  But the key is not that George was an innovator, no in some ways, he was a “selfish” guy just trying to get society to conform to the way he wanted to live his life.  He believed it would be good for everyone but it first and foremost came from his interest to improve Life, life in THPL.  What will be your daylight savings idea? How will you make a change so that you can do what you want each day?  Can you write it down and then work to make it happen?  I suggest that we all give it a try.  That we all come up with a change that we are going to make that improves how we live.  I am sure you will all have many ideas as to what to do; I offer one approach for all of us to consider.  For THPL we need to treat all of the hours in the day as precious, they are a perishable commodity, once gone they are gone forever.  Is there a way that we can waste less time?, that we can find a few hours that could be used better? 

Starting tomorrow we get one additional hour of sun – I challenge each of us to use it differently than we did this past week. Use that hour as you want.  Do something different.  Create a new habit, one that you choose.  Let’s assume for a moment that there are 100 people who read this blog and we get 100 hours of new activity starting tomorrow and we do this for one week – that is 700 hours contributing to our collective ability to achieve THPL.  Stay true to it – be accountable to it and we will all be better for it.

And so it is - seems to me that the Sally dance is harder to do on a Saturday night, especially when you rode for two hours, did hill repeats for another hour, ran 4 miles, added 500 crunches and a few weights into the mix.  Yes, indeed - test the soul and see what you are made of.  Here is what I know - when the soul leads the body follows - give it a try - Sally till the end +20 seconds, 191 pushups on 4:17.  

loving life and ready to get one hour less sleep  :-)

Ciao, see you in Daylight Savings!