Rad, yes, Rad pictures

It has been stated that a picture is worth a thousand words.  When you look at the pictures that Red Bull has posted (see link below) you will understand that a thousand words do not describe the feeling that these pictures evoke.  Could it be that they are indeed “Rad” or are they remarkable, or beyond belief, WOW! Or amazing….they are all of these modifiers and more.  If we are on the THPL journey these guys in the photos and taking the photos are clearing the path for the journey.  In each photo you can see and feel the adventure, the wonder, the high performance.  I plucked my favorite picture out from the gallery and posted it on the blog.  I dare not try to write too much, less I take away from the sheer awe that these photos create.  Take a look and decide which is your favorite picture and why, have some fun with it!

For what it’s worth, these pictures take adventure to the next level.  The new floor has been established, time to study the pictures and figure out how one of us can better what these boys have done.  Raise the roof THPL is in town.

Loving life and inspired to do more



(above photo: Photographer: Elias Kunosson; Athlete: Frekrik Berggren; Location: Åre, Sweden; Category Finalist 2013: Experimental)