Ragnar Reach the Beach

Over the past two days, five of us, Julianne, Garth, Melissa, Brent and I traversed 208 miles from Cannon Mountain in New Hampshire to Hampton Beach NH.  Categorized as an endurance team relay – Reach the Beach, as it is branded, is a great event that brings together over 600 teams to jointly make the trek from the mountains to the sea.  The format allows for teams of six or twelve to “tag team” their way, from morning through night till the whole team is “at the beach”. 

It’s really the thrill of competing together that drives someone to sign up for a race such as this one.  You have to want to be in a van for more than 30 hours  - in close proximity with no shower, barely a tooth brushed and a lot of “stuff’” in the way of the normal day to day comforts that we appreciate.  Ragnarians live for Type 2 fun – this is an activity that is fun to plan, involves a bit of suffering and is worthy of “barstool” conversation. 

Our team aptly named “three boys, two girls and a princes”, shared excitement, laughter, cheers and more fun than one can think was possible.  Sure we would run hard and wanted to complete the course, but first we needed to complete each leg and that took a bit of doing.  We held it together and we collectively crossed the finish line in a driving ocean rain at Hampton beach.

The key takeaways

  • It is critical to have the right team name and shirts to match ( it is part of the Ragnar Spirit)
  • The team had to collectively will itself to to reach the beach – it did and we got our finisher medals as a result
  • The team is liming and proud
  • Nice Legs became our theme – it pulled us closer to other teams and was fun to rally around
  • Teamwork is vital – we had to be there for each other – especially when things did now
  • Pushing each other a bit further helps all involved
  • You cannot imagine the power of real food after two days of chocolate and shot blocks

Loving life and our nice legs, all 36 legs!