Slow it down

Across a life time of THPL activities and events we spend a lot of time pursuing ways that we can go faster and faster and faster. It always seems to feel better when we go faster.  It usually “hurts” when we are “at speed” but we rationalize it as it is a good hurt.  It truly makes us feel like we are making progress and getting better performance.  And there is no denying that this is true.  We validate this when we are inside our outside the THPL community by comparing top speeds and we ultimately celebrate when we find the fastest people – we shower them with medals and awards and we envy those of speed.  To improve we measure everything in the hopes of figuring out how to go faster.  And while all of this makes sense it misses one aspect of how to get to high performance.  We need to bring in counter thinking to make sure that we have explored all and understand the nuances.  If we want to get the most out of our THPL journey we need to slow it down, from time to time, to be able to really see what is going on around us and in our activities.  Slowing down allows us to do a better assessment of technique, of approach, of style and of potential.  We can see so much more when we slow down.  Refinements are possible when you see the full spectrum of the activity and at full speed this is just not possible.  So, as the old story is told – sometimes you have to go slower to get faster and in the THPL journey this is indeed central to our way of thinking. 

And if you want to have some fun seeing how slowing it down can show your more – check out this video from the Slow Mo Guys!  

Loving life especially when going slowly