Spreading Ideas

Way back when TED started the mission was clear – that TED would provide a platform for spreading ideas in 18 minute chunks.  Fast forward 30 years and TED has become a global platform for spreading ideas and when you add in TEDx the videos have been viewed more than 1 billion times.  Yea, I know, I contributed quite a few to the count but that is not the key point of this post.  The key point of this post is that sometimes, it is better to tell a story, or to communicate and idea by showing or watching.  I am confident that on your THPL journey you have used YouTube to learn, watch, or study your way to better performance.  And so rather than me tell you how impactful this TED phenomenon has become I thought it would be appropriate for you to watch this TEDx video.  It summarizes and shows how this platform is making an impact around the world.

 We can, with our THPL mission, take note and think about how we create, on our own scale, a similar platform for others to build and grow their lives and take themselves to the next level. That is what it is all about for TED and for THPL.  Watch and enjoy the history and the impact unfold in this specific TED x video

 Loving life knowing we can indeed spread ideas for good