Stretching Your Limits


As we go along on our Blog journey together I am sure that I will spend some time reflecting a bit on the title of this blog and its true meaning.  So, for today, let’s make the assertion that the High Performance Life is about stretching to do something , most likely new and maybe even doing something that you are not all that good at or might never be.  What might be in this category, you ask?  A few ideas come to mind – rock climbing, presenting in front of a  large group, cooking for 20 people, reading War and Peace, or running a marathon.  There is an element of stretch and discomfort, depending on who you are, in any of these examples.
High performance is, for our purposes today, getting over a mental challenge and less the physical challenge. Pushing yourself into an unknown place with a strong heart and an even stronger constitution.  I had the opportunity to recently do this when I took a Yoga class.  Yup, that hard charging , cross-fit like activity, where muscle heads  (oops –wrong characterization).  I meant to say the spiritual, mental and physical activity that is meant to bring you closer to your inner self.  Yoga through a combination of spiritual music, stretching, breathing, and physical movements allows the participant to do that which does not happen often – that is to reach into spaces that you normally do not go.  And so off I went with my Yoga mat, and my faith that I would just be ok – regardless of how stiff I am. 
 Now in Yoga, as opposed to many other activities that we could take on, it’s appearance is deceiving.  A pleasant instructor, some simple mats, nice music and before you know it you are doing something called the “downward dog” , a “warrior”, the “twist” or the “cobra” and my favorite the “baby”.  OK, I am here to tell you that this stuff is not easy.  Each move seemed harder than the other, and in my case, the instructor felt so bad for me that she brought me blocks because I could not reach the ground and she used other props to keep me from tipping over and falling.  I was humbled for sure – Yoga is not easy.  I have the utmost respect for those who can do the physical part.  I did like the spiritual part – I have always been curious about meditation  - and I can say that part went well.  I did get over the embarrassment of not being able to touch my toes or to sit Indian style but even so the moves really never got any easier for me.   I am sure that with time I could get there.  At this session, though, I was below the ranks of beginner – and truth be told this was just fine.  I stepped out into the unknown – did something I would ordinarily not do – learned stuff and confirmed stuff (eg. stretching is not my strength ) and I am better for it.  I am sure that even a few people got a laugh at my expense and I find this to be very good as well.
So my challenge is to find an activity that you have not done, one you might have wanted to do it at some point, but life and fear got in the way.  Put both aside and give it a try – I am living proof that you can make it work.  As for a second Yoga class for me – you never know what I might do next! 
Loving life, that’s all
 For all you Sally lovers – keep the pushups coming – I can feel them from afar.  One day we might even create a pushup counter and see if we could get this group to a million pushups – sounds like fun, well not if done alone.  I am not exactly positive but I think that here are 30 pushups to the song.  Seems wrong, I know but that is my count.  Well, I did 30 pushups, and added 15 seconds at the end.  That must count for something.  A good night for the 4:17 minute version got to 186 pushups.  So, give me 200+ for the day!  I think I am going to need some help on this million pushup goal because all by myself it will take  about 13 years.  That might be a bit long even for me.  J