Ted Talks - Ideas Worth Spreading


 I am introducing a new post style to THPL blog.  At least once a month I am going to point you to a Ted talk that I watched, yes, one of the hundreds I have watched, and I will encourage you to watch it.  There will always be a strong connection to THPL – as I think most Ted talks are.  But the one’s I highlight will be curated to the next level and the message is intended to complement the blog…  just that much and so we begin…..

 I am quite confident that at some point on your THPL journey you will have some doubt about your ability to take on a challenge in Life, Learning or Fitness. Whether logical or not, getting beyond your challenge requires that you become a believer – and to do so requires some catalyst – either from inside you or from the outside.  And to this point….. the next time you think what you are doing or the goal you have is impossible, that you cannot get it done, that you have no real experience, that you have no support system and so on.  Well then I suggest that you remind yourself of Jack Andraka.

  Jack is a 16 year old, yes a teenager, and because his mother had developed pancreatic he committed to finding out a way to develop a promising early detection test for pancreatic cancer that’s super cheap, effective and non-invasive — all before his 16th birthday.  With limited (really no knowledge on topic), no lab equipment, and a general rejection from the industry notoriety he pressed forward until he found a solution to the testing challenge and got others to support him as well.  He is, according to the video, making history and it is great to see what is possible when we throw out expectations and constraints and press forward.  Real life Happens

<iframe src=”http://embed.ted.com/talks/jack_andraka_a_promising_test_for_pancreatic_cancer_from_a_teenager.html” width=”400” height=”225” frameborder=”0” scrolling=”no” webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>

Loving life while watching a Ted video