The Day After the Event

With all of the preparation, planning, and training that we do leading up to a race our expectation is that we will be ready for our big event.  And for sure part of the preparation is getting our mindset ready for what is ahead.  And when our preparation is done well, and in harmony with our capability, we perform as good or better than expected.  But we cannot stop there – we have to keep our performance mindset active.  And this means that we need to focus on the race data and activities, post race, and how we will feel (physically and mentally).  For THPL to come to the level that we want we need this complete view – it is is an important step in the process of improving one’s performance.  Here are a few areas to consider

  1. Did your nutrition plan work ?  Did you have the power and energy that you needed?  How is your GI system?  And did you quickly replenish the calories and nutrients that you used during your event 
  2. Are you legs or other parts of your body sore?  If there is soreness then most likely you pushed yourself.  This is good – the feedback system is telling you that you did something that pushed the limits of your body.  It’s actually a physiologically positive reaction and it is both a signaling system and an indication that your body is ready to grow to be ready for the next time you go back at it 

A bit of reflection and I am confident that you will want to both recognize your progress and study your results so that you can be better every time you go out there to take on your next challenge. 

Loving life thinking about what I just did