The High Performance Life.. a poem

THPL are you there?

I need your help

I so much want what I can become

But sometimes it does not work

I am sure that by now I know what to do

And yet, still it is hard

My aspiration drives me forward

Can I do it?

Seems so logical, then why so hard?

Do others struggle?

Time to push past the doubt

Embrace the pain and clarity shows itself

Stay the course and it gets better

Fight past the setbacks and feel the improvement

I am almost there, now part of something bigger.

I want more and THPL is the path there

Satisfied for now, my eyes close for a moment, at peace and ready for tomorrow


Yes, something a bit different - a new inspiration today, that is what happens when you endeavor to live THPL

Some other things do not change (one day they might when the next challenge shows itself) but for now

Sally to the end +20 seconds  195 pushups  on 4:17

Really loving Life tonight